Legal Surveys | Property Lines


360 Land Surveying Ltd is often asked to locate property lines on the ground. This is done by finding and/or setting new boundary markers.

In most cases, there are two types of posts that are placed: iron posts (see photo to the left) and lead plugs.



Every time a legal boundary marker is set or restored, BCLS must file a Posting Plan with the Land Title Office (LTO). To the left you can see what information is shown on a typical Posting Plan. This document represents a survey and is a public record of the survey.

A common comment we hear is that this record doesn’t show improvements such as fences, retaining walls, sheds or other structures. Posting Plan surveys are often only completed to mark the property line and to find out if something is encroaching, and does not include any additional features.


This type of survey is often prepared for mortgage purposes. Lending institutions need to ensure that the property they are mortgaging is not encroaching on neighbouring properties.

This type of survey could answer the questions that a Posting Plan can not.

  • Is my neighbour’s shed encroaching on my property?
  • Is this tree on my property?

Posting Plan surveys show posts set in the ground, which show where the property lines are. This may leave a land owner still unclear which side of the property something is on, which is when a Certificate of Location may be useful.