Evgeny Petushkov, P.Eng, BCLS

Evgeny was born to a family of Survey Engineers. He got his first taste of survey at the age of 11, when his father took him for 2 separate two-week shifts in Russian Arctic.¬†Evgeny obtained a 5-year Engineer’s degree in Engineering Geodesy (1997-2002) from the Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography, laying a solid foundation for his professional journey.

With BCLS certification acquired in 2012 and P.Eng in Geomatics following in 2013, Evgeny brings an impressive 21 years of extensive experience to the industry. His project portfolio is marked by significant contributions to landmark projects such as the North Shore WWTP Conveyancing Project, the Highland Valley Copper Mine, the comprehensive Bridgeway Slope Rehabilitation, and the precision work involved in THE BOW Building project in Calgary. These projects highlight his technical prowess and his commitment to maintaining high standards in surveying practices.

  • 21+ years of experience in land surveying and geomatics
  • comes from a family of Survey Engineers
  • 5-year degree in Engineering Geodesy from Moscow University of Geodesy and Cartography
  • strong background in high-precision surveys and “special cases”

Colin Vanderwoerd, BCLS

Colin brings over eight years of comprehensive experience in the surveying and engineering sector. His expertise spans managing and reviewing the work of both office and field teams, ensuring the delivery of high-quality results. Colin has a strong track record in overseeing diverse surveying projects, including engineering, legal, construction, and deformation surveys for a broad spectrum of clients.

Colin’s project portfolio showcases his capability in handling significant projects, such as the installation of the “Beaver Deceiver” in Stanley Park, the Bridgeway Slope Rehabilitation, and the legal survey of Ainslie Street South in Cambridge, Ontario, demonstrating his proficiency in both technical and project management aspects of land surveying.

  • Joined the 360 Land Surveying team in the summer of 2020.
  • Commissioned as an Ontario Land Surveyor (OLS) in 2020.
  • Commissioned as a British Columbia Land Surveyor (BCLS) in 2021.
  • Holds the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business and Accounting

Ian Ottmann, Senior Survey Technologist

Ian’s proficiency with the latest surveying technologies, such as 3D scanning and UAV data processing, underscores his pivotal role in the industry. Ian is particularly adept in QA/QC for field data returns. He excels in post-processing survey data, drafting, and plan production for diverse survey types, including topographic, site plans, and construction surveys.

Significant contributions to notable projects such as the North Shore WWTP Conveyancing Project, the Cambie & King Edward Mixed Use Development, the Alliance Francaise de Vancouver, and the ongoing CertainTeed Volume Reports project have marked his career at 360 Land Surveying Ltd.

  • Thirteen years of robust experience in Land Surveying and Geomatics.
  • Joined the 360 Land Surveying team in 2018.
  • Graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary in 2011.

Javier Pacheco, Survey Technologist, Drone Pilot

Javier’s role at 360 Land Surveying Ltd. involves a blend of office and field operations for various surveying projects, where he applies his expertise in total station and GPS surveying, AutoCAD drafting, and calculations for topographic and construction reports. His focus on 3D scanning imagery and drone flights with photogrammetry showcases his adeptness in leveraging modern survey technologies. Javier’s multifaceted career path highlights his adaptability and broad skill set within and beyond the realm of geomatics and land surveying.

  • Joined 360 Land Surveying team in 2019.
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM).
  • 1st year PhD candidate, Statistics (2006-2007), Bath, United Kingdom
  • Advanced UAV pilot.

Duncan Fairbrother, BA, Survey Assistant

  • Graduated from Langara College and then the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography.
  • Joined our team in January 2024.
  • Already made himself indispensable part of 360’s team!