Site Coordinate Systems and Gridlines Layout

This is a critical task for a successful construction project. Our team will visit the site and set key reference points that define the horizontal and vertical orientation of the proposed structure.

This work should be completed under a licensed BC Land Surveyor’s supervision because construction setbacks are usually given from property lines.

The process typically starts with us reviewing architectural and structural drawings to make sure they match and free of inconsistencies.

Residential Construction

We offer a survey service in support of residential construction.

  • Excavation offsets layout.
  • Foundation layout.
  • Site Benchmarks.
  • Non-encroachment certificates (NEC).
  • Retaining wall layout.
  • Roof peak surveys.

FAST: Our surveyors can be on site as early as 24 hours after the visit request.

RELIABLE: We have an established process of verifying architectural or design drawings. Before doing any field work, we ensure that design plans are free of discrepancies.

Settlement Monitoring

Settlement monitoring surveys are critical to construction and engineering projects, particularly in areas prone to ground movement or where structures are built on unstable soil. At 360 Land Surveying, we offer expert settlement monitoring surveys to ensure the stability and safety of your construction projects.

Our skilled team uses the latest technology to detect minute movements in structures and the ground, providing essential data that helps make informed decisions and prevent potential damages. Our focused approach and advanced methodologies allow us to deliver precise and actionable insights, making us your reliable partner in maintaining the integrity of your projects through vigilant settlement monitoring.

Volume Surveys

360 Land Surveying Ltd specializes in conducting detailed volume surveys, essential for accurate management of materials in construction, mining, and landfill projects. Our precise measurements and calculations allow clients to efficiently track and manage stockpiles, excavations, and fill requirements. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and techniques, we ensure that our volume surveys provide the accuracy needed for project planning, progress monitoring, and financial forecasting. Trust us to deliver reliable data that enhances operational efficiency and project outcomes.

Plumbness and Levelness

PLUMBNESS: We offer comprehensive plumbness surveys to ensure your projects’ structural integrity and precision. These surveys are crucial for verifying structures’ vertical alignment ensuring they meet design specifications and safety standards.

FF/FL: We also provide Floor Flatness and Floor Levelness (FF/FL) surveys, which are essential for assessing the quality and performance of concrete slabs and flooring systems. Ensuring the flatness and levelness of floors is crucial for a wide range of facilities, from warehouses and industrial plants to commercial buildings, where the efficiency of operations and the safety of occupants depend on precise floor specifications.

Equimpment: we use Leica MS50 and TS 16 1″ Total Stations and Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scanners to deliver accurate and reliable measurements. This attention to detail helps identify potential issues early, allowing for corrective measures to be taken promptly, thus safeguarding your project against future complications and ensuring its longevity and functionality.