Technology: Leica RTC360

October 15, 2019 Published by

We strive to keep up with technology, as well as provide the best service to our customers in the optimal (shortest) time. Having tested and tried various types f new gear, we’ve decided to acquire a high definition scanner – Leica Geosystem’s RTC360.

This newest piece of Leica’s hardware is truly amazing. It collects points at 2 MILLION points per second. Yes. You did not misread it. 2 MILLION points per second. This feature allows very quickly, accurately collect 3d locations of the entire site and produces a point cloud of the job site. Office processing with Leica Cyclone 360 REGISTER controls the quality of data. As a result, we can create a 3D point cloud of the site, geo-referenced and ready for further use.

As cool as this tool is, why should our clients care?

  • When we use RTC360 for our survey work, we make sure that the entire site is captured, so that eliminates the need for return field visits. The most costly part of our work is a field crew.
  • Once the point cloud is produced, our clients can go to the cloud and take more details of the existing condition – any time. Convenient and No missed information.

Contact Us for more details and see how this new technology can improve your project.